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Surprise Yourself by Studying the History of Art.


In an increasingly visual world, studying Art History equips students with the ability to successfully decode and analyze works of art from throughout the span of history. Coursework in Art History at UAFS supports both the Graphic Design and Studio Art programs, while also serving independently as a Minor.


Mary B. Shepard, Associate Professor Art History
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Art history examines how cultural and historical forces have shaped the creation of works of art. It is an engaging multi-disciplinary field that brings historical, literary, religious, cultural, and economic factors to the analysis and interpretation of works of art.

  • Small class size promotes discussion and the development of versatile and integrative thinking.
  • The curriculum offers a wide-span of historical periods, including non-Western art.
  • Study abroad further challenges students to experience different approaches to art and design. 
  • Coursework develops students’ abilities to analyze, research, and discuss works of art.
  • Museum visits provide the opportunity to work with original artworks.
  • Special exhibitions, workshops, and guest speakers offer exciting new perspectives outside the classroom experience.
  • Our dedicated faculty are all trained professionals in the field.

After graduation:

UAFS graduates with a Minor in Art History can pursue graduate studies in Art History, Museum Education, Museum Studies, or Art Conservation (depending on the level of Science coursework they have undertaken). They can also explore a variety of art-related careers:

  • Work in a Commercial Gallery
  • Work for a Heritage Site
  • Museum Preparator/Technician
  • Museum Educator
  • Archivist
  • Art Appraiser
  • Guide


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