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UAFS is your first step in becoming a successful Studio Artist. 


Our program emphasizes the fundamentals of strong design and craftsmanship together with the computer skills you will need to be successful in today’s challenging art scene. UAFS graduates have gone on to distinguish themselves as practicing artists and teachers, as well as acquiring transferable skills for success in other fields.

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The Admissions Portfolio

All students who study in the Studio Art or Graphic Design programs take the same Foundation Core courses. These include Drawing, 2D design, 3D design, Digital Imaging and Typography. A successful portfolio of representative work in the Foundation classes is required after the freshman Foundation Core is completed in order to move forward in Studio Art or Graphic Design.

UAFS offers both a BA in Studio Art and a Minor in Studio Art.

  • Small class size provides individualized learning, mastery of skills, and fosters students’ creative growth. 
  • The flexible curriculum offers opportunities to explore drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, letterpress, and book arts. What should we do about 3-D? Paper Art?
  • Foundations courses support proficiency in fundamental skills, including computer and hand skills.
  • Coursework in Art History develops a framework for understanding different approaches to art and design over time and the social and historical factors that frame their development. 
  • Study abroad further challenges students to experience different approaches to art and design. 
  • In the Studio, the creation of work revolves around an emphasis on concept, research, and process.
  • Critical feedback is provided through peer, faculty, and guest artist reviews.
  • Special exhibitions, workshops, and guest speakers offer exciting new perspectives outside the classroom experience.  
  • Our dedicated faculty are all professional practicing artists and designers.

After graduation:

UAFS graduates can pursue graduate school to earn a MFA in Studio Art or explore a variety of art-related careers:

  • Practicing Artist
  • Secondary Education Art Teacher
  • Art Therapy
  • Illustrator
  • Cartoonist
  • Museum Preparator/Technician
  • Museum Educator
  • Art Appraiser


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For general information, please contact Kara Smith, Administrative Assistant – Art
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For faculty information, please visit our faculty page.