Media Communication

Degree Plans and More image linking to media communication degree plan

Introductory Courses—12 hours

  • COMM 2213 Media Production
  • COMM 2223 Foundations of Communication
  • COMM 2203 Introduction to Mass Communication
  • COMM 2303 Survey of New Media


Core Courses—9 hours

  • COMM 4643 Writing for the Media
  • COMM 3903 Communication Research Methods
  • RHET 3103 Editing for Usage, Style, and Clarity


Capstone Course—1 hour

  • COMM 4801 Senior Seminar


Degree Electives—17 hours

  • COMM 3143 Special Topics in Media Communication
  • COMM 3503 Digital Media
  • COMM 3803 Digital Games and Simulations
  • COMM 3801 Publications Staff (May be repeated for 3 hrs.)
  • COMM 4203 Culture and Communication
  • COMM 4633 Hypertext Theories and Practice
  • COMM 4223 Broadcasting for New Media
  • COMM 4733 Media Ethics
  • COMM 4743 Communication Law
  • COMM 493V Independent Project (Special permission needed)
  • COMM 495V Communication Internship
  • SPCH 2223 Advanced Public Speaking
  • RHET 4123 Editing as a Profession
  • RHET 4523 Arguing Public Issues
  • RHET 3503 Writing Arguments


32 hours of additional degree requirements which includes 18 for a minor and 14 hours of electives

120 hours

The Media Communication program is available as a major leading to the Bachelor of Arts and a minor requiring 18 hours of coursework.

In the bachelor's degree program:

  • All students will analyze collected data to reach appropriate conclusions based on a chosen research methodology. (COMM 4801 Senior Seminar; COMM 3903 Communication Research Methods)
  • All students will produce visual media using at least one guideline of composition (fill the frame, simplicity, rule of thirds, point of view, and framing). (COMM 2213 Media Production; COMM 4801 Senior Seminar)
  • All students will edit audio and/or video media to demonstrate proficiency in post-production techniques. (COMM 4801 Senior Seminar)
  • All students will produce ethical new and/or social media content that shows awareness of appropriate context. (COMM 4733 Media Ethics)