Ann-Gee Lee


Biographical Information

  • Ph.D. in Rhetoric & Writing, Bowling Green State University
  • M.A. in English, conc. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Rhetoric/Composition, California State University Stanislaus
  • B.A. in English (conc. in TESOL), Spanish Minor, California State University Stanislaus

I teach the first-year composition courses: ENGL 1203-Composition I (emphasis on culture); ENGL 1213-Composion II (emphasis on disability studies). I teach various rhetoric courses: RHET 3403-Rhetorics and Poetics; RHET 3503-Writing Arguments/RHET 4503 Arguing Public Issues; RHET 3203-Textual Research Methods; RHET 3603-Writing for the Workplace. I also teach courses for the TESL certificate: ENGL/FORL 4333 Second Language Assessment and am now teaching a literature course: ENGL 3443: Literature of Diverse Cultures (Asian-American). My research interests comprise publications and presentations on women’s studies, civic discourse, covert rhetoric (secret codes, scripts/ languages, silence, body rhetoric, civic disobedience), popular culture (film/ television/ music study), ESL theory/pedagogy, multi-genre writing, multiliteracies, multiculturalism, and play in the classroom.

For more information see my Curriculum Vitae.