Department of Music


Our mission in the Department of Music at UAFS is to educate and prepare music students for productive lives as teachers, performers, scholars, and citizens. The artist/scholar faculty promotes an approach that is both musician focused and person focused while encouraging innovation, diversity, and service.

In supporting this mission, the music program at UAFS upholds the highest artistic and academic standards.



Our music curriculum offers academic degrees for students pursuing careers in music education (either vocal or instrumental) as well as those interested in careers in specialized fields of music. The department also provides first-rate educational experiences for music minors and for other students from across the campus.


More than 20 distinguished faculty and staff members are dedicated to teaching, musical performance, and student scholarship. They have studied at the finest institutions across the nation and continue to perform regionally, nationally, and internationally.


The  department’s instrumental, jazz, and vocal ensembles have an exemplary reputation for local performances throughout Arkansas and Oklahoma, and some perform with world-renowned artists.


Because we are committed to our local community, we offer an assortment of educational and culturally diverse programs and performances. This includes a comprehensive program of summer music camps, which welcome hundreds of students annually from Arkansas and the surrounding states.


Students are admitted to the music program through an audition process. A wide variety of scholarships is also available to music majors, minors, and non-majors who participate in our ensembles.


We look forward to seeing you at our events, hearing from you through our website, and welcoming you as the students who will help shape the future of the Department.



As a branch of history and criticism, "humanities" applies to virtually any field; however, the UAFS Humanities Through the Arts area focuses specifically upon works of art and their historical contexts. Humanities students examine artworks, evaluate our cultural and intellectual heritage, and inquire about the history of ideas.

Students have the opportunity to present their research in special programs each year and to distinguish themselves in the UAFS Student Research Symposium.