Calendar of Events

Date Event Place Time
    Spring 2019    
Tuesday 5-Mar Choral Concert First Presbyterian Church  
(116 N 12th St)
Monday 11-Mar Jazz Noon Show Reynolds Room 12:00pm 
Tuesday 12-Mar

Greenwood High School Bands
UAFS Symphonic Band in Concert

Greenwood Performing Arts Center
(515 E. Gary Street
Greenwood, Arkansas
Wednesday 13-Mar Nick May Guest Saxophone Recital Blue Lion 7:30pm
Thursday 14-Mar Gavin Justis Junior Percussion Recital Breedlove 7:30pm
Friday 29-Mar Tommy Dobbs Faculty Percussion Recital  Breedlove  7:30pm
Monday 1-Apr Skyler Heffner Senior Voice Recital Breedlove 7:30pm
Monday 8-Apr SOE: Symphonic Band Concert FSCC 7:30pm
Friday 12-Apr Opera and Musical Theatre Workshop Concert Breedlove 7:30pm
Thursday 18-Apr SOE: Jazz Concert FSCC 7:30pm
Wednesday 24-Apr Flutre Choir Concert Blue Lion 7:30pm
Friday 26-Apr Chamber Ensembles Concert Blue Lion 7:30pm
Saturday 27-Apr Kayla Van Pelt Senior Clarinet Recital Breedlove 6:00pm
Sunday 28-Apr Low Brass Studio Recital Blue Lion 5pm
Tuesday 30-Apr SOE: Grand Night for Singing FSCC 7:30pm
Thursday 2-May Percussion Ensemble Concert Breedlove 7:30pm
Friday 3-May Bryce Langley Senior Trombone Recital Eastside Baptist Church 7:30pm