Theatre Arts Degree

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Fundamental Courses

  • THEA 1203 - Introduction to Theatre
  • THEA 1303 - Acting I
  • THEA 1503 - Stagecraft 
  • THEA 2313 - Voice and Movement
  • THEA 2513 - Fundamentals of Design
  • THEA 2603 - Directing I
  • THEA 1711 - Studio Dance I
  • THEA 1721 - Studio Dance II
  • THEA 1431 - Theatre Practicum (Performance)
  • THEA 1451 - Theatre Practicum (Technical)

History and Literature

  • THEA 4213 - Theatre History I
  • THEA 4223 - Theatre History II

Acting/Directing Upper Division

  • THEA 3313 - Acting II
  • THEA 3323 - Personal Performance
  • THEA 4333 - Auditioning
  • THEA 4613 - Directing II

Design/Technology Upper Division

  • THEA 3533 - Scenic Design
  • THEA 3543 - Lighting Design
  • THEA 4553 - Costume Design
  • THEA 4623 - Stage Management


Through our educational offerings, students can earn a theatre major or a theatre minor, or take a few classes as electives for other degree programs or for self-enrichment.


B.A. in Theatre Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre is a liberal arts degree with two available concentrations: (1) acting/directing and (2) design/technology. The program provides students with an education in theatre to develop skills and knowledge to create full stage productions of dramatic works.

A comprehensive undergraduate theatre degree prepares students for entrance into graduate Master of Fine Arts or Master of Arts programs in Theatre at other state universities. The degree program gives students a strong education in the liberal arts, including a breadth of courses that develop critical thinking, creative problem solving, ethical perspectives, global and cultural awareness, and discipline based knowledge in a minor area of study.


Minor in Theatre Arts

Do you want to develop your public speaking skills or your ability to work as part of a group and meet deadlines? Do you want to develop your creativity and problem solving skills at the same time? If so, a theatre minor might be right for you. Most employers are desperate for the skills that are used every day in the theatre.



Upon completion of the B.A. in Theatre, graduates will:

  • Demonstrate proper vocal and physical fundamentals in the acting process.
  • Be able to build 2D and 3D scenery according to professional standards.
  • Correctly analyze and demonstrate story and character elements in scripts.
  • Produce complete documentation packages for their design responsibility in a production team.