Theatre Arts Facilities

Theatre at UAFS is housed in the Breedlove Building on the UAFS Campus. Theatre facilities include Breedlove Auditorium, a control booth, two large dressing rooms, a scene shop, a lighting shop, a costume shop, a computer lab, faculty offices, and storage spaces.

Breedlove Auditorium

The Auditorium is a 451-seat Modified Proscenium space that can easily be converted into a modified thrust space with the inclusion of a pit filler. The space serves as the Main Stage venue for the Department as well as a primary classroom space in the Acting/Directing area. 

Scene Shop

The scene shop is the primary production facility for the program. The shop includes wood and metal working tools as well as paint facilities for all of the productions we produce. Also the shop houses the majority of our scenic storage for flats, platforms, and furniture. The creation of props also happens in this facility.

Costume Shop

Breedlove houses a full-service costume shop including sewing, patterning, dyeing, cleaning, and storage spaces. Most of our productions are costumed in-house either through construction or modification of existing garments.

Lighting Shop

This area handles the upkeep and storage of the lighting equipment. Breedlove has a robust inventory of many different types and styles of lighting, including Source Four ellipses, Selecon fresnels, Altman fresnels and ellipses, LE Cyc lights, Sour Four PARs, and Altman PARs. Also we have many other lighting and effects instruments including hazers, fog machines, gobo rotators, moving mirrors, and all the required cables, iris, frames, and clamps for day-to-day lighting usage.